Spring 2017

This it the class page for UHCL SPED4300.05 that meets TH evenings. The professor is Dr. Wren Bump. Class resources and other information will be added here.

Class 1

Find the Most Connections and One Strange Fact

What Do You See? Perceptions of Disability

Person First Language from 1990 compared to People First Chart from 2009

SPED acronyms

Text Recording Form

Text Dialog Rubric

Choice Project Rubric

Class 2

Class 2 Agenda

Chapter 2 Resources

Access College Texas

Quality Teaching for All – Use items from the Quality Teaching for All self-assessment as well as other language or ideas you may have to develop your learning goals. You may revise these goals as you proceed through the course. Learning goals should clearly extend your present knowledge and skills aiming to stretch and challenge yourself. You need to have a minimum of 7 learning goals.

Class 3 – 2/2/17

Parent Interview Questions

Class 3 Agenda

Class 4 – 2/9/17

Class 4 Agenda


Class 5 – 2/16/17

Class 5 Agenda

Freedom Machines Activity

Technology Notes 1.1: The Opportunities of Assistive Technology p. 28

Iris Module Assistive Technology

Changes for SPED 4300 – Important Information


Class 6 – 2/23/17

Class 6 Agenda

Chapter 5 notes

Chapter 5 PowerPoint

Class 7 – 3/2/17

Class 7 Agenda



Class 8 – 3/9/17

Class 8 Agenda

How Hard Can This Be

Class 9 – 3/23/17

Class 9 Agenda

Chapter 8 presentation and notes

Inclusive Teaching Guide Position Paper with rubric

NASET LD Report #3

Class 10 – 3/30/17

Meet with research librarian in the library computer lab. Find 3 refereed journal articles that you can use in your Inclusive Teaching Guide Position Paper to support why you are including a strategy in your classroom. You must also give the opposing point of view.

Class 11 – 4/6/17

Class 11 Agenda

Class 12 – 4/13/17 

Library time

Class 13 – 4/20/17 

Inclusive Teaching Guide Position Paper DUE

Class 14 – 4/27/17 –

What I Learned Conference – Your presentation will be graded on these 4 things: Explanation of Ideas and Information with visuals, aids, and/or supporting details; Organization/Presentation/Grammar; Creativity of Product; Offers a Unique Perspective.

Everyone will rate at least 10 of the presentations, score them and give your top 5.

Course Evaluations

Open Note Test over Chapters 7,8 and 10

SPED 4300 Test Review Chapters 7_8_and10