Follow a Blog

Here is another hint to help you get the most out of Education Week.

Hint #4: Follow a blog

What’s a blog, and why should you follow it? Great question! On, blogs can contain news or opinion. We have many Education Week staff-written blogs that are really our way of quickly breaking the news. Opinion blogs are written by leaders in the field. We have over 59 blogs you can follow. Topics vary widely, from special education to charter schools, from classroom management to ed-tech. Nearly 27,000 blog posts are viewed every day on

So when you want to be really tuned in to a particular topic (or two), follow a blog. Here are some of our most popular blogs:

Politics K-12: This must-read EdWeek coverage tracks and analyzes federal and state developments, so you’ll immediately learn about policy changes and political posturing across the country.

Curriculum Matters: Seasoned reporters Catherine Gewertz and Liana Heitin team up to bring you news and analysis of issues at the core of classroom learning.

Teaching Now: Education Week Teacher covers the latest in teaching, from the inspirational to the infuriating, from practical classroom tips to raging policy debates, and from news you can use to news of the weird.

Finding Common Ground: Former elementary school Principal Peter DeWitt writes about the social and emotional health of students and faculty.

Teacher Beat: Reporter Stephen Sawchuk digs into the policy and politics of the teaching profession.

Digital Education: Follow technology trends and topics in K-12 education with Education Week reporter Ben Herold.

Click here for a complete list

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