Total Participation Techniques

“Typical question and answer sessions allow students to tune out important classroom interactions, and traditional lectures leave most students functioning as ‘listening objects.’ To truly engage all learners, instructors need to use a more intentional approach to student engagement. In this online course, participants will explore the societal and personal costs of disengagement and the importance of higher-order thinking in creating environments that meaningfully engage students in content learning. This course will introduce participants to practical techniques for cognitively engaging students during lessons. These include the uses of on-the-spot techniques, hold-ups, total participation techniques (TPTs) that involve movement, and TPTs for guiding and supporting students in their note taking. Participants will explore essential elements in building a TPT-conducive classroom, where students feel free to share with minimal risks. Finally, participants will analyze the cognitive engagement that is present in a classroom lesson as they apply their new understandings to their own teaching or through peer observations.

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